About Magister JFT

About Magister JFT

Magister JFT is the Legal Faculty Association of Tilburg!

Magister JFT is the Legal Faculty Association of Tilburg Law School, established on the 20th of November 2002. Magister JFT organises career, social, as well as study related events for all her members. Because there are so many different kind of studies on our faculty (like Dutch Law, Global Law, Public Administration et cetera...), Magister JFT has several Chambers that are all related to a different study (see the structure down below). Do you study Public Governance? Then you should try out an activity of Magister JFT | Juribes! Are you a student Dutch Law or Business Law? Then Magister JFT | Justitia is something for you! Besides this we also have the Chambers Magister JFT | Global Law and Magister JFT | E-law, pleading society DiCiT and faculty paper SecJure!

Besidest this Magister JFT also has student representation party, Vrijspraak, student party of Magister JFT! Besides student representation, the student party also organises social events.

In short; there is a place for everyone within Magister JFT! Do you want to know more? Just send an email to secretary@magisterjft.nl or visit us for a cup of coffee. You can find us in Esplanade Building, in the board room of Magister JFT.

  • Vrijspraak Strandtus Vacantus

    today from 7:30 PM until 9:30 PM

    Café Bet Kolen

    • Vrijspraak
    • Social
  • Fit For the Future

    22 June 12:30 PM until 6:30 PM

    • Career