Chambers and student party

Chambers and student party

The unique structure of Magister JFT.

Magister JFT is the legal faculty association of Tilburg Law School. At TLS there are students from many different studies; law, public administration, corporate law and many more. Magister JFT has a place for all these students! Magister JFT has a unique structure, with different chambers, a student party and many central committees. 

Magister JFT is an umbrella association for students at TLS. The General Board of the association manages the association as a whole. The Daily Board takes care of the daily management tasks, has contact with external parties and coordinates the central committees. The central committees are open to students of all disciplines and organise activities for all members. For example, the monthly drinks, parties or the Legal Business Days. 

Magister JFT also has 'chambers': these are parts of the association that focus on specific study programmes. An example of this is Magister JFT | Justitia, the chamber for students of Dutch Law and Business Law. Are you studying one of these programmes and are you interested in related activities? Then take a look at Justitia!

Every chamber has its own board. This board is responsible for making policy for their chamber, supervising committees and organising activities related to the study programme(s) of the chamber. These activities can be a lecture in a certain field of law, a debate or just a fun drink!

Besides the chambers, Magister JFT also has a student party. The student party is there for all students of TLS and has a voice within the faculty. Is this something for you? Then join a committee of Vrijspraak!

Finally, the Magister JFT | DiCiT pleading chapter organises interesting pleading evenings and trainings, and you can find interesting articles in the faculty magazine SecJure. 

In short, Magister JFT is the association for every student at Tilburg Law School! Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us via, or take a look at the website. 


On the image below, you can see the unique structure of Magister JFT in an overview: 

  • Eindejaarscantus

    25 July 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM

    Spoorzone, Tilburg

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    • Magister JFT Central