Global Law

Global Law

Magister JFT | Global Law is the chamber for all Global Law students of Tilburg Law School. We are a fairly new chamber, having been established in 2016. The main goal of the chamber is to create a space for all types of Global Law students to enrich their experience of being a law student. The chamber aims to achieve this goal by organising both formal and informal activities.

For students interested in developing their knowledge with regards to their studies, we organise guest lectures, study-clinics and discussion groups. Additionally, for the more career-oriented students who want to invest in their future career path, we facilitate networking events, company visits and skills nights. We believe that, especially as a Global Law student, you cannot start early enough with learning how to sell the unique programme, your skills and finding your way through the job market. 

That being said, we think that a student’s social life is almost as important! This is why we also create a space for students to escape studying and enjoy what Tilburg has to offer. Our social events include picnics, parties, movie nights and many more. To thank our active members for their hard work, we also organise our annual Active Members Day.

Magister JFT | Global Law consists of a board, 7 committees and many members. Within the committees, we hope to give students the opportunity to develop their soft and hard skills to a greater extent in a fun and educational setting, as the members are constantly working together as a team. Hence, you can gain some new friends and meet other Global Law students from all the different years! While we encourage everyone to apply for one of our committees and thus to become active members, we also welcome students who just want to join us for our events.

All in all, Magister JFT | Global Law tries to offer students a complete study and student experience in addition to the Global Law bachelor's degree.

Do you want to stay informed about what our Chamber is up to? Are you interested in any of the activities we organise? Or do you think you can contribute to our Chamber? Send an email to or contact one of our board members.

  • Magister JFT Bath Slippers

    in progress until 31 March

    • Goodies
  • Excursion Eurojust

    03 October 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM

    The Hague

  • Feest Eerstejaarscommissie

    03 October from 8:30 PM until 12:00 AM

    De Vrienden van Tilburg

  • Rellen tegen de 'ME'

    04 October 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM

    Parkeerterrein Warandebos