Survival Guide: First week of Global Law - Board VI

Date: 28th of August 2021

It has proven to be difficult for first-year students to navigate through the first few weeks of their studies. Therefore, we organised the Survival Guide event, where first-year Global Law students were given tips on how to approach certain problems they face in their first week as Global Law students. We gave advice on how to approach their first assignments, set up their schedule, find housing and a lot more. 

Welcome Potluck Picnic - Board VI

Date: 9th of September 2021

Many Global Law students left their friends and families back home to come study in Tilburg. By organising this picnic, new students could get to know fellow classmates, make new friends and get to know each other’s cultures. Amazing games were played, food was shared, and new friendships were formed!

International Lunch - Board VI

Date: 22nd of November 2021

In collaboration with student party Vrijspraak, ESN Tilburg, SAM, E-Law and Front, Magister JFT | Global Law organised the annual international lunch! While enjoying an amazing lunch, international and internationally oriented students were asked to give feedback on how to improve the faculty and its education. As internationalisation is an important aspect of the Chamber we always strive to keep up to date with all our students' wants and needs, the international lunch is a way to achieve that.

Disco Valentines Cantus - Introduction Committee x Magister JFT | Juribes

Date: 17th of February 2022

Another legendary Cantus, organised together with the activity committee of Magister JFT | Juribes. This amazing Cantus was full celebrating love, drinking beer and singing the best songs! All participants were asked to dress up in their best disco outfit to enjoy the first cantus after lockdown. As you can see from the pictures, it was a huge success! 


Change of Boards (OM 1) and Constitution Drink - Board VI

Date: 23rd of September 2021

During the First Open Meeting, the Change of Boards took place where the sixth Board of Magister JFT | Global Law was installed! After the formalities, the constitution drink was held where everyone could congratulate Board VI and say goodbye to Board V. 

Guest Lecture by Dr. Michael Leach - Board VI

Date: 28th of October 2021

Dr. Michael Leach, a lecturer at Tilburg University and a Canadian lawyer, was invited to talk about his PhD research concerning the Rule of Law regarding international development. He had prepared a nice presentation, and students were invited to ask questions after his lecture and engage in discussions with each other and Dr. Leach. Due to both the informative and interactive nature of the event, students were overall very positive about the guest lecture, hence it was an educational and fun evening. 

Human Rights Guest Lecture by Liesbeth Unger - Human Rights Committee

Date: 15th of November 2021

A guest lecture by the international lawyer, Liesbeth Unger, specialised in advising businesses, governments and NGOs regarding human rights protection was organised. She currently has her own advisory firm, called Human Rights@Work. The event encompassed a presentation and a discussion about the connection between human rights and businesses. Due to the COVID-19 measures, the event was held fully online via Zoom. Despite the online nature of the event, the audience was very engaged with the presentation due to the interactive elements that were present, such as a quiz. 

AlumNight - Career Committee

Date: 23rd of November 2021

AlumNight was an evening to bring alumni, professors, other interested, and Global Law students together. The goal was to learn from the experiences of alumni and professors and give them a possibility to network with each other and with current students. The event was held online via Zoom. This was done by inviting four alumni to form a panel. The first part of the evening was a panel discussion where statements were posed to the panel, and they could voice their opinions. The second part of the evening was a Q&A where all participants were welcomed to ask their questions to any of the panellists or others.

Study Clinics - Academic Committee

Date: 25th of November 2021

The aim of this event was to help Global Law students prepare for their upcoming exams. Two study clinics had been held simultaneously; one for first-year students for the course History of International Law and one for second-year students for the course Corporate Law. The most important topics regarding the relevant course subjects had been discussed during these sessions in the form of an online presentation that lasted about 2 hours, and students also had the opportunity to ask questions in between.

Open Meeting 2 - Board VI

Date: 9th of February 2022

At this Second Open Meeting of Global Law of 2021-2022, the board took a look back at the past half year and went over all the past and upcoming activities, had a financial review and made some announcements. An input session also took place in order to gather some feedback from active members in order for the board to improve. 

Master’s Night - Career Committee

Date: 16th of February 2022

Masters Night is annually organised by the Career Committee to help students orient themselves on what Master programmes Tilburg University offers. This year, master students from, amongst others, Law and Tech, International Business Taxation and Public Governance joined us to hold presentations and answer any questions about their studies. 

International Moot Court - Academic Committee x Magister JFT | DiCiT

Date: 17th of February 2022

This event was held online on Zoom, and it was in collaboration with the Dutch pleading committee DiCiT of Magister JFT. Hence, the event was both open to Dutch law students and Global Law students. A moot court allows students to act as a legal counsel in small groups, whereby they are encouraged to come up with their own arguments in order to defend their side in front of judges, who gave constructive feedback to all the teams. The participants were, therefore, able to engage in public speaking and practising the formalities needed in court. It was, overall, a great practical experience for everyone!

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