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    Board 7 of Magister JFT | Global Law

    Bo van Gerwen – Chairman

    Kyra Kap – Secretary

    Timothy Geeringh – Treasurer

    Serafeim Liakopoulos – External Relations Commissioner

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    Bo van Gerwen

    My name is Bo van Gerwen, I am 20 years old and currently in my second year of the Global Law bachelor, and after having been active within several committees at Magister JFT last year, I have the honour of fulfilling the position of Chairman of the board of Magister JFT | Global Law this academic year. Being Chairman means that I am responsible for the functioning of the board, with which I organise all kinds of events. Academic, social or professional; there is always something for everyone! Next to this, I am the coordinator of the Editorial Committee, which writes and publishes articles about everything related to global law. As the Chairman I also take a seat in the General Board of Magister JFT, and in that way I represent the Global Law chamber and all its students within the entire association. My function means working hard and being organised and responsible, but also having a lot of fun and learning many new things!

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    Kyra Kap

    Hi all, my name is Kyra Kap, and I’m currently studying my second year Global Law alongside my position as secretary of the Global Law chamber of Magister JFT this year. As secretary most of my tasks are more administrative, such as replying to emails, making sure documents are finalised and sent, and taking the notes during our meetings. Additionally, this year I am the coordinator of the introduction committee, where I’m in charge of the committee and help them to organise and facilitate social events for Global Law students!

  • afbeelding van Treasurer


    Timothy Geeringh

    My name is Timothy Geeringh, I am a second year Global Law student and this year I will fulfil the position of treasurer of Magister JFT | Global Law. This means that I am responsible for the Chamber’s finances. Concretely, this entails that I create and maintain a budget and allow committees access to portions of this based on the needs of that committee as well as the state of the budget at that particular time. Besides this, I am also the coordinator of the Human Rights Committee and the Excursion Committee. As the name implies, the Human Rights Committee focuses on events related to human rights; think of, for example, guest lectures and debates on related topics. The Excursion Committee is a new committee this year and organises excursions of an academic or professional nature. These responsibilities are great for my professional development, but a board year also offers a lot from a social point of view. Because of this, I would recommend everyone to become active within Magister; it offers the best of both worlds!

  • afbeelding van External Relations Commissioner

    External Relations Commissioner

    Serafeim Liakopoulos

    I am Serafeim Liakopoulos and I am a second year Global student from Greece! I am the External Relations Commissioner of the Global Law Chamber this year, so I am in contact with other associations, companies, and law firms. At the same time, I coordinate the academic committee which includes the organisation of study clinics, guest lectures, and moot courts. I also coordinate the career committee and we will be organising an alumni night and a masters night, while we also find suitable internships for Global Law students!