Formal Committees

Formal Committees

Career committee

Magister JFT | Juribes also wants to support students in the area of career. The Career Committee offers students the perfect opportunity to take a look within the field of public administration. Experts are invited to talk about the organisation they work for and about the job market you may find yourself in as a graduate in public administration. Every year, the committee organises the successful Dine & Discuss, where students meet experts over dinner in an informal setting. In addition, last year the Alumni Night was established where students can talk with alumni of public administration in Tilburg and learn more about their future. Finally, the in-house days at various organizations offer a perfect insight into how the theory is put into practice.

Educational Committee

Recently, new life has been breathed into the Education Committee, which has ensured that the committee can respond precisely to the need of students to develop themselves more alongside their studies. The committee does this by organising various training sessions and pub lectures. The training courses focus on learning hard skills in a fun and interactive way. The pub lectures provide interesting and informative evenings where the student learns something about a certain subject while enjoying a beer.

Podcast committee

The Podcast Committee is the newest committee within all the committees of Juribes. After the resounding success of the Juribes podcast 'Bestuurskunde in Beeld', which was set up in 2020, the committee set to work to continue this. Meanwhile, there are already many informative but also informal episodes released, which can be listened to on Spotify! 

Political Committee

The Political Committee deals with the political part of public administration by organising activities related to it. This year, the committee focuses on organising the Tilburg Student Debate on 23 February 2022. The committee is committed the whole year to a successful debate with interesting participants. Besides that, the committee also organises the annual Political Pub Quiz, in which students compete in teams on current topics.

  • Magister JFT Bath Slippers

    in progress until 31 March

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  • Excursion Eurojust

    03 October 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM

    The Hague

  • Feest Eerstejaarscommissie

    03 October from 8:30 PM until 12:00 AM

    De Vrienden van Tilburg

  • Rellen tegen de 'ME'

    04 October 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM

    Parkeerterrein Warandebos