The sixth board of Magister JFT | Global Law

Yovana Pavlova


'I am Yovana Pavlova, a second year Global Law student from Bulgaria. Besides studying, I am the Chairman of Magister JFT | Global Law.  As a Chairman, I am the head of the Global Law Chamber Board. Together with my board, I work on making sure the chamber is thriving and catering to the needs of all Global Law students. This means that I make agendas, lead meetings, ensure that the organisation of events are running smoothly and work on the future of the chamber. Moreover, together with the External Relations Commissioner, another task of mine is talking to other boards and interested parties for possible collaborations. Apart from my tasks as Chairman, I also coordinate the Editorial Committee and the Human Rights Committee. The Editorial Committee produces an editorial a few times a year. This editorial is similar to a magazine, but with contributions from professors and students. The Human Rights Committee, as the name gives away, concerns itself with organising events regarding Human Rights. Being a Chairman also means that I am part of the General Board. As a General Board member, I discuss and get to give my input on matters that affect the association as a whole. I do this together with the other General Board members and really enjoy being involved in the association as a whole.  I recommend everyone to do a board year because of everything you get to learn from it and everyone you get to know!' 

Annie Lei


'My name is Annie Lei, and I am currently in my second year of the Global Law programme. This year I fulfil the role as Secretary of Magister JFT | Global Law! As Secretary, I am mainly involved in the administrative matters of the chamber, such as creating the minutes for meetings and managing the emails. Moreover, I assist the other board members in any matters regarding planning and organisation and I keep track of all important documents. I am also the first point of contact for members. Besides my position as Secretary, I am also the coordinator of the Academic Committee. Together with my committee I organise study clinics, workshops and we think of other innovative ways to assist students in their studies. I really enjoy doing a board year with my fellow board members and I would recommend it to others!' 

Nieke van der Net


'My name is Nieke van der Net and I am a second year Global Law student and the Treasurer of Magister JFT | Global Law. As Treasurer, I am in charge of overseeing the finances of the chamber. This means that I create a budget and keep track of the expenses. Moreover, I talk to other board members or committees about their plans for events and we create a financial plan together to realise it. In my role it is also important to keep in contact with the Treasurer of the Daily Board to make sure everything runs smoothly. Lastly, I think of ways to invest in the future of the chamber, this year we do that by creating a flag and banner! Besides that, I have taken up the task of promotion, as a creative outlet. The main goal of this is to keep all Global Law students up-to-date with our plans and events. I do this by creating visuals for the social media channels, but also writing promotion messages for group chats. I really enjoy the creativity that I have within this task, but it also calls for good organisational skills to plan out all the posts! Furthermore, I am the coordinator of the Introduction Committee. Together with the committee I am responsible for almost all social events within the chamber. We organise a yearly cantus, do murder mystery events and plan informal get togethers. I am very grateful for everything I have learned until now by doing a Board year, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for more practical experience.' 

Saoirse Hoeksma

External Relations Commissioner

'I am Saoirse Hoeksma, a third year Global Law student and it is my pleasure to fulfil the role of External Relations Commissioner for the Global Law chamber. Being an External Relations Commissioner means that I am responsible for partnerships, collaborations and the representation of our chamber. Together with the chairman I talk to other boards and interested parties to see if we can work together, either on events or in ways to better life for international students. I am also the first point of contact for companies who we wish to work together with. This means that I get to know a lot of different people! Besides this role, I am the coordinator of the Career Committee. This fits in well with my other tasks. Together with my committee I organise events such as Masters Night and AlumNight to inspire students in finding their career. Moreover, we try to inform students about internship possibilities and other opportunities. This year we are focusing on finding out what the best way is to sell the Global Law programme and the skills the students learn to employers. Lastly, I have taken the task upon myself to be responsible for the Monthly Newsletter. This is a concept that we only started with this year with the goal to inform members and interested about the day-to-day tasks of the board and our upcoming events. This newsletter allows me to be a little bit creative, which I enjoy! As you can see, the tasks of a board member can be extremely diverse and that is the exact reason why I would recommend everyone to do a board year. You are guaranteed to meet so many new people and learn new things every day!'

  • Magister Introduction Camp

    07 until 09 October 2022

    De Klokkenweide

    • Social
    • Magister JFT Central
  • Open Pleitavonden DiCiT

    12 until 19 October 2022

    Cube Building

    • Study
    • DiCiT
  • Monthly Drink October

    13 October 9:00 PM until 11:59 PM

    • Social
    • Magister JFT Central
  • International Lunch

    24 October 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM

    Carpe Noctem

    • Social
    • Vrijspraak
    • Global Law
    • E-Law
  • Justitia Terrassentour

    27 October 7:30 PM until 11:00 PM

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    • Justitia