Vrienden van Juribes

Vrienden van Juribes

In the boardroom there is a large plate with the Juribes-logo, on which everyone who likes Juribes can have his name or organisation placed by means of an engraved plate. This amount is freely spendable for Juribes and every 'Vrienden van Juribes' can come up with ideas on what this should be spent on! It creates extra involvement in the room and contributes to a financially healthy Magister JFT I Juribes. You will also receive an honourable mention on, among others, this website, newsletter and in the annual report. Of course, as a 'Vriend van Juribes' you are always welcome at our activities.

If you would like to become a 'Vriend van Juribes', please send an email to penningmeesterjuribes@magisterjft.nl. Also for more information about 'Vrienden van Juribes', please contact this email address.

Gold: Juribes XXXV - L. Timmermans, S. Daandels, T. Klokkenburg, M. van den Burg

Gold: F. Doppen, I. van der Hoeven, V. Vreken, F. Jansen

Gold: Juribes XXXIV - L. van de Vorst, Q. Bredius, H. Lambregts, T. Derks

Gold: Thijn Klokkenburg

Gold: Juribes XXXVI - C. Martens, I. van der Hoeven, P.P. Koeijmans, M. Botermans

Gold: Juribesties XVIII

Gold: Juribes XXXVII - M. Kappers, M. Hack, F. Verhoeven, D. van Hooft

Gold: Gijs Broek

Gold: Jules Arts

Gold: 27e bestuur - Joep, Simone en Nicole

Gold: Alumnivereniging NOSO

  • Vrijspraak Strandtus Vacantus

    today from 7:30 PM until 9:30 PM

    Café Bet Kolen

    • Vrijspraak
    • Social
  • Fit For the Future

    22 June 12:30 PM until 6:30 PM

    • Career