The 1st board of Magister JFT | Justitia

Max Gense


'My name is Max Gense, I am a third year law student and chairman of Magister JFT | Justitia. Besides being chairman of this beautiful chamber, I am also part of the General Board. This means that, apart from chamber-related issues, I am also involved in association-related issues. As chairman, I am mainly responsible for coordinating my board and we work together to provide a varied range of activities. I am also the coordinator of the Career Committee.' 

Maite van der Heijden


'My name is Maite van der Heijden, I am a second year corporate law student and the secretary of Magister JFT | Justitia. As secretary I am responsible for the newsletter, registrations for our lectures and all other mail contact. Besides this, I am the coordinator of Jong Justitia.' 

Khai Yuen Tan


'I am Khai Yuen Tan, third year student corporate law and treasurer of Magister JFT | Justitia. As treasurer, besides organising activities, I take care of the finances of our chamber. Furthermore, I am the coordinator of Privatico.' 

Eva van Stratum

General Boardmember

'I am Eva van Stratum, third year law student and general boardmember of Magister JFT | Justitia. As a general boardmember I am involved in all the promotion of activities and I am the coordinator of Publico.'

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  • Fit For the Future

    22 June 12:30 PM until 6:30 PM

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