Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Magister JFT has an Advisory Council. Every year, a Daily Board member from the previous year is appointed as a new member of the Advisory Council. This membership lasts for at least five years, which can be renewed upon request when voted upon by the General Members Meeting. As its name suggests, the Advisory Council acts as an advisory body to the Board of Magister JFT.

Currently, the Advisory Council is filled by the following people:

  • Raymond Kubben, Co-founder Magister JFT

  • Erik de Ridder, Co-founder Magister JFT 

  • Pascal Martens, Treasurer DB IV

  • Remco Smulders, Chairman DB VI

  • Maaike van Santvoort, Vice Chairman DB IX

  • Jill van Brunschot, Secretary DB XII

  • Fleur Konings, Secretary DB XIII

  • Jelle Kanters, Treasurer DB XIV

  • Stijn de Kort, Chairman DB XV

  • Harmke Baars, Education Commissioner DB XVI

  • Roos van Deijck, Secretary DB XVII

  • Suzette Verbeek, Secretary DB XVIII

  • Herman Kuiper, Treasurer DB XIX (also fulfills the positions of Chairman and Confidentiality Person within the Advisory Council this year)

  • Wauter Setz, Education Commissioner DB XX

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