Vrijspraak Strandtus Vacantus

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Vrijspraak Strandtus Vacantus

After two years of missing out on the legendary Vrijspraak cantus, we are finally back and better than ever! Prepare for trouble and make it double, because on Thursday, the 25th of May, student party Vrijspraak is organising the Strandtus Vacantus! At this tropical, beach-themed cantus, all your vacation dreams will come true with amazing singers, endless beers and, of course, each other!

The cantus takes place at Café Bet Kolen. The walk-in in will start at 19:00 and the cantus itself will start at 19:30. Party members and alumni pay €15, other Magister JFT members €18,50 and non-members pay €22,50. 

Don't wait any longer, snatch your tickets and grab your suitcase, put on some sunscreen and wear some nice sunglasses to match the theme! Also, don't forget to bring all of your travel buddies; fellow committee members, friends and roomies are all more than welcome to join the Strandtus Vacantus!