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Batavierenrace interested list

On 28 and 29 April 2023, it is time for the 51st edition of the Batavierenrace, also known as the largest relay race in the world! During this race, participants annually run from the centre of Nijmegen via Germany, the Achterhoek region and Enschede to the campus of the University of Twente. The total running distance is over 175 kilometres and is divided into 25 stages varying in distance from 3 to 10 kilometres. The race is followed annually by the largest student party in the Benelux on the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede!

Magister JFT will participate in the Batavierenrace again this year. To take part, we therefore need 25 enthusiastic runners who can put their left foot in front of their right and keep this up for some time. Are you interested in running for Magister JFT this year? Then express your interest now by filling in this form!

The race will be divided by two restarts in Ulft and Barchem, creating a night, morning and afternoon team. In the interest form, please indicate your preference for this right away, as a stage division will have to be made. In addition, please indicate your preference regarding sleeping places; (Friday and) Saturday night sleeping in a sports hall (this will cost a few euros), or bringing your own tents which you can use for free at the campsite. Finally, it would be nice if you could indicate whether or not you have a driving licence; as during the Batavierenrace, those driving the van also have to alternate.

The price to participate in the Batavierenrace is currently unknown, but will not exceed 20 euros. More information on this will follow as soon as possible, but keep this in mind when filling in this interest form.

Would you like to run with us during this unforgettable relay race? Then express your interest now by filling in this form; we hope to reach the finish line with you on 29 April!