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Who are we?

Approximately 150 lawyers and junior civil-law notaries work at HVG Law. Through our strategic alliance with EY Tax, we are part of the global EY Law network of more than 2100 legal professionals. That calls for the right project and
management skills, because we take on many projects in a multidisciplinary manner. On the one hand colleagues experience the professional benefits of a large firm on a daily basis. On the other hand, the size of our offices is relatively compact. Partly because of this, you will find an stimulating working environment: a great deal of freedom of work with the backing of a (worldwide) network of professionals
(worldwide) network of professionals, an up-to-date online information network, large, international, mid-market clients, start-ups and inspiring, driven colleagues.

Career growth and training

We invest a great deal in our people, convinced that this will enable them to grow and are thus able to advise at the highest level. In addition to the mandatory. In addition to the mandatory professional training, your training programme will also be shaped by our own
training centre, the HVG Law School. There is also the option of spending four months four months or longer at our Dutch desk in New York as part of our rotator programme. In short, we offer you the ideal ingredients for an inspiring work environment where you can work at the highest level.

Introduction and application at HVG Law

Want to get to know HVG Law better? You can! You can do a student internship at one of our
our offices (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or Eindhoven), take part in an In-House Day or our annual Master's
In-House Day or our annual Masterclass. Go to our website for an overview of all activities and to apply for an internship.

Active in the following sectors

Advocacy and notarial practice

Number of employees

150 Lawyers and Notaries


4 in the Netherlands, 3 in the United States

Opportunities for students:

Masterclass, student internships, in-house days. See www.werkenbijhvglaw.nl for all possibilities.


Please contact our recruiter Eva van der Laan at eva.van.der.laan@hvglaw.nl or 06-5246568

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