'The Newsletter Committee proudly presents the first Newsletter of the 2021-2022 Academic year!
This volume includes many different topics with which we cover various areas important to the Global Law student. Starting with hybrid education, thanks to the insight from prof. Morag Goodwin, we explore the prospects it creates for the future and students share how it has affected them. As a continuation of this topic, we share tips from the university psychologists on how to better handle online education. Further in the Newsletter, you will find captivation and informative articles from TLS professors and an article from the TLS independent faculty magazine SecJure. On the final pages, we introduce you to three Global Law alumni that share their stories and advise for those following the Global Law bachelor. 
We live in changing and fast-paced times, new forms of education and organisation within society emerge and we are at the front of it all. During those extraordinary times, we all face uncertainty and struggle far from our friends, and sometimes, far from our family as well. Despite all of this, I believe that the challenges each of us faces make us stronger and better equipped to tackle any problem the world presents us with. 
The committee and I wish you a pleasant reading of the first edition of the Global Law Newsletter!
Yovana Pavlova, chairman Magister JFT | Global Law' 
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